Theatre of Fire

Theatre of Fire is an expression of the possibility of creating an environment for our future so there will be a future for our environment. The potential exists that our arts could form a significant component of the mental and conceptual framework of an “Environment for our future”. Our thoughts and ideas govern our behaviours. Our arts are a key area of life that shape and also inspire our thoughts and actions.

Our arts create connections to each other and music in particular is the closest thing we have to a universal language. With music we can make new connections across our lives and cultures, opening the possibility of “bringing the world together through music”. And with such broad connections and the new understandings they may potentially bring, we can contribute to imagining and creating a sustainable relationship between humanity and nature.

Through an imagined Theatre of Fire we can, on a potentially world wide basis, create music and art crafted by many different people built around ideas that unify and connect our common interests and humanity. Potentially Theatre of Fire could take the on the form of a large scale record of creativity and the evolution of our human capabilities. It will be large scale collaboration in many parts created within the diversity of our human community. Theatre of Fire’s impact in our world will result from combining many pieces and songs from the contributions from hundreds or thousands of people working in diverse genres and music cultures.

Creative people will be challenged to bring their diverse viewpoints to express what matters most in our world today. This collaboration will be focused on the creation of new ways of experiencing, thinking about, and viewing at our world; ways of thinking that may form part of a foundation for the creation of a sustainable human relationship with nature. One original element that could express this idea, and which could also unify this diversity of expression, might be new combinations of our instruments and voices with the recent scientific and artistic rediscovery of the hidden music of animals and nature.

A possibility of Theatre of Fire is to continuously add to this body of work and its performance over time or even over generations. It will potentially express a sustained effort of creation for the purpose of creating a sustainable world. In this process Theatre of Fire would itself create a record of our lives, commitments, and efforts for our future and for future generations; an artistic time capsule of how we struggled and evolved in our relationship with the challenges of our time. Theatre of Fire will record what we created, how we evolved, and what we made of the potential of humanity in response to the challenge of our current relationship with nature.

To make provide concrete, real, and “practical” outcomes of Theatre of Fire it can be combined with demonstrations of our abilities to create new sustainable energy sources through a program called “green energy performs”. Outdoor, “in nature” concerts of Theatre of Fire and other events around the world will be powered by demonstrations of the latest in “green” solar, wind, geothermal energy or similar capabilities. The intention is to create performances that inspire our creative enterprise.

Paul Alexander

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